St Pierre du Bois

Foraging for Vraic, even if you just want to 'spot'  different varieties and do not necessarily want to collect, is an absorbing pastime. Akin to 'rock pooling', and we all know how timeless and therapeutic that can be.  However, in this day and age there must be the inevitable 'SAFETY' notice 


OK OK this is common sense but it is worth saying.

          1. It is inevitable that you will be foraging around below high tide (there's not much to see at high tide) SO always remember where you are and keep a track of incoming tide - It is easy to get cut off especially while you are completely absorbed. 

          2. Seaweed covered rocks are slippery something could happen  so for both this and the previous reason tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back, even if you take a friend.

          3. Always know the times of high and low water. 
          4. Please note that we do not take responsibility for consequences of foraging either in the process of or the consumption of foraged material, but here are some sensible guidleines


ALWAYS ALWAYS wash anything, you might be inclined to eat, in fresh water. Ensure you have correctly identified the item. Randomly eating seaweed is not as bad as randomly eating mushrooms but care must be taken to acquire knowledge
Cook according to a recipe.

Avoid any possible polluted areas.
There are a number of warnings on the internet NOT to microwave seaweed in preparation - this seems partly due to the fact that microwaving breaks down the cell walls making it mushy and unpalatable but there are other reports that is can alter the alkilinity levels and make some seaweed dangerous to eat. (no scientific proof found - DYOR - there's a link under 'grow with Vraic' which shows how microwave extraction concentrates some elements see here )


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