Alaria esculenta,Alaria marginata

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Alaria esculenta

Plants with olive or yellow-brown fronds to 4 m lo and 25 cm wide, more often about 1 m and 7.5 cm wide. Attached by a root-like holdfast at the base from which a narrow flexible stipe arises which continues into the leafy part of the plant as a distinct mid-rib, generally with a yellow-brown colour (above). The reproductive structures, apparent as dark-brown areas, are confined to unbranched leafy appendages borne on the stipe, usually in two rows.

Location/common name:- Dabberlocks Wing Kelp Murlins Alaries succulente Atlantic wakame badderlocks bladder locks

Generally growi on rock in wave-exposed places, often formi a band at low water and in the shallow subtidal, but also occurri in tidal pools in the lower shore. lower mid-littoral