Fucus serratus

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Fucus serratus

Dichotmously branched fronds arisi from a small disc via a short stipe; distinct midrib. Plants to 300 mm with terminal, compressed receptacles with warty conceptacles. This is the "Serrated wrack" of the lower shore in the north-eastern Atlantic. It is easily recognised by its saw-toothed frond, and a lack of swollen receptacles (see below). /

Location/common name:- Serrated Wrack black wrack blackweed fucus denté fucus dentelé saw wrack toothed wrack var

Zone formi on sheltered and semi-exposed shores from about MTL down to about MLWN where it meets the kelp zone. Widely distributed on all coasts of Britain and Ireland. Spain north to Spitsbergen. lower mid-littoral


serratus is used in Ireland and France for the production of seaweed extracts for cosmetics, and for seaweed baths. Similar speciesema href= Fucus_vesiculosus.php Fucus vesiculosus/a/em generally has paired vesicles and does not have a saw-toothed edge; ema href= Fucus_spiralis.php Fucus spiralis/a/em has inflated terminal receptacles with a sterile rim, href= http//www.algaebase.org/search/species/detail/?species_id=85 target= _blank AlgaeBase/a