Laminaria hyperborea

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Laminaria hyperborea

Dark brown, to 2 m in leth; with a claw-like, conical holdfast, a rough, rigid stipe which generally sticks up out of the water, and is covered in epiphytes when older, and a laminate blade to 1.5 m lo dividi into fier-like segments.

Location/common name:- Kelp May Weed baudrée cuvie cuvy goémon d’avril laminaire rugueuse redware sea rod sea rod

Common at extreme low water in wave-exposed areas, and in the subtidal in optically clear water growi on rock to a depth of 32 m. Forms extensive closed communities at depths of 0-24 m. All coasts of Britain and Ireland. lower mid-littoral


n Norway for alginate production, in Ireland cast-up stipes used to be collected for alginate production in Scotland but collection has ceased in reent years.