Ulva rigida

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Ulva rigida

Thallus sheet-like, emerald green, stiff at the base and more delicate near the growi edges, to 300 lo, sometimes with irregular elliptical holes (above). Persists throughout the year. emerald green colour and stiffness of thallus; however, this and other species of emUlva /emin the NE Atlantic require expert identification, and even then there is much dispute as to the status of the various species that have been reported includi ema href= Ulva_lactuca.php U. lactuca/a, U. gigantea, U. scandinavica, /emandem U. armoricana/em.

Location/common name:- Sea Lettuce ulve rigide

on rock and growi as an epipthyte, often developi "green tides" Common and widely distributed. lower mid-littoral